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Serving All Shelby County, Tennessee

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Tuxedo Touch

State-of-the-art home automation controller, camera veiwer, integrated security system, and digital picture frame all in one, easy to use interface.

Look at everything you can do with the New Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad.

Convenient, on premises control of the system through your      smartphone, PC, web enabled TV or compatiable mobile device.

Graphic icons with menu-driven prompts makes security and control simple and intuitive.

Manage energy costs with thermostat and lighting control.

Lock and Unlock doors automatically

Video surveillance right at the keypad or through local web-enabled devices.

Smart Switches and Dimmers are now Zwave compatiable. Easy automate any lighting in your home by replacing the switch.  Can be programmed to turn on select lights when you unlock your door so that your never enter your home in the dark again.
Install these new switches on your exterior lights so they come on at specific times of the day which can be easly set on your Tuxedo Touch keypad.
Zwave Compatiable Programable thermostat. This is a full function programable thermostat with the added features of setting back temperture automatically when your arm your system to leave. Or just change the temperture setting right from your smart phone without even leaving the comfort of your couch.
Full status readout from your mobile device or keypad of the status of each installed thermostat including inside temp and temp settings.
Lock and Unlock your doors right from the Tuxedo Keypad or smart device, and disarm your security system right through the keypad on your lock. Even check the status on every lock before you go to bed right from your smart phone.
Electronic Locks

Look at everything the Honeywell Tuxedo Keypad can do.