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One lighting storm could cost a homeowner thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to the electronics in a home. A homeowner can help protect against such damage with a comprehensive approach to surge protection. Eaton's surge suppression products offer the homeowner a complete approach, by offering both Stage 1 and Stage 2 Surge Protection.
Stage 1:
Service Entrance Protection is designed to provide premier surge protection for AC power, telephone, and cable at the point of entrance to the home. Protection at this location can reduce surges to an acceptable level for surge strips to handle at the point of use.
Stage 2:
Point of use surge receptacles or strips are designed to offer premier surge protection for specific electronics. Not all surge strips are created equal. Make sure the surge device is intended for the purpose it serves.

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APC Home Theater Line Conditioner (Stage 2 Device)
This is a must have protection device for Home Theater equipment. Protection from blackouts, voltage sags & swells, electrical noise interference and damaging power transients. All of your expensive A/V equipment plugs into the back of this device for added protection.
Simple Surge Strips come in a variety of different models. They offer Stage 2 protection for electrical, cable tv, and phone. These strips should be used everywhere there is valuable electronic devices subject to surges.
Whole House Surge Protection
Eaton Whole House Surge Protection (Stage 1 Device)
Whole House Surge Traps are installed at the main service entrance point for utilities serving your house. These devices can be installed for electrical panels, cable tv, and phone service to give a whole house Stage 1 coverage.
Multipurpose Surge Strips (Stage 2 Device)