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Central Vac System

Most built-in Central Vac Systems consist of a power unit, centrally located, which contains the vacuum producing motor and dirt collector. From the vacuum unit, tubing is simply routed through the walls by the way of the attic or under floors to coveniently located wall inlets. To vacuum, a lightweight, flexible hose is inserted into the wall inlets. All surfaces in the home can be cleaned effeciently using the versatile cleaning tools.

Central Vac Accessories
Central Vac Inlets will be installed in your home based on the reach of a standard 30' hose. Inlets can be ordered with a electrical power connection for a one connection operation. Multiple colors are available to fit most homes deocor.
Dust Pans are our most poplar feature by far. Dust Pans are normally installed where hard floor surfaces are used. They allow for a quick and convienent way to clean these surfaces without dragging out a hose.
There is a wide variety of tool kits and hoses that are availble based on the end users needs and type of flooring. Electric beater bars are the most common accessor as they do not require the use of suction from the Central Vac to turn the beater bar, thus making them more efficient.

Central Vac Safety Valves are a great way to protect your new central vac system and home from dangerous fires that can occur if the system is clogged and is ran for a long length of time.

Hose Sock can be installed on any central vac system hose. These socks make it easier to manuever the hose around the home and at the same time protect walls and furniture from marks left by a standard hose.
Central Vac mufflers can be installed directly on the tank considerably reducing the noise level from the motor when the unit is in use.

Dust Pan

Tools Kits and Hoses


Central Vac Safety Valve
Central Vac Hose Sock