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Serving All Shelby County, Tennessee

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Undercabinet Lighting
Undercabinet lights come in a variety of styles to meet the customers needs. This is a great way to dress up any kitchen, and add some much need light to your work area. These lights come in several different type of lights including flourscent, halogen, xenon, and the new energy efficient LED. These lights can be installed in most cases without any wall damage.
Retrofit LED Recessed Lighting
It is now very affordable to retrofit existing recessed lighting fixtures with new LED style lights. This is truly a milestone for the LED Lighting Revolution. Here are four reasons you should be excited about the new EcoSmart LED Downlight.
1. Incredible Light Quality : This downlight is powered with Cree TrueWhite Technology, which delivers high effeciency with beautiful, warm color.
2. Extremely Long Lasting: The Cree LED recessed light is designed to last 35,000 hours. That means this light could last you more than 32 years with three hours of dailey use.
3: Big Energy Savings: Imagine this scenario; Swapping out the 65-Watt incandecent light with a 10.5 Watt LED light, while still having beautiful light quality. These light are also dimmable and unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights dont contain toxic mercury.
4: Very Affordable: The fixture itself cost less than $50.00 then add the savings of having to replace lamps and energy savings makes this a great investment.
Recessed Lighting
Recessed Lighting is produced in many different styles depending upon where they are to be used and different colors to match most any home decor. Recessed lighting offers a clean, streamlined look in a home. It can increase the amount of light in a room, highlight artwork , and open up spaces so the look and feel larger. Below is a sample of the more poplar recessed trims.
NEW    We can now add a switch anywhere your like.
No Sheetrock Damage

LevNet RF Remote Switches use no wires or batteries. Pressing the switch provides the energy to transmit a wireless signal that controls lights or other devices connected to a LevNet receiver. Switches can be mounted virtually anywhere. The unique ID of each Switch activates only the intended receivers. This makes this switch the ideal soulution for retrofits. This also works great for adding additional outdoor flood lights.