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Serving All Shelby County, Tennessee

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Bullet Security Cameras are a special type of small and sleek camera that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. Sealed in cylinders and totally protected, they are impermeable to water and are totally weatherproof.

Dome Security Cameras are ideal for us in areas where you want a camera that is designed to blend into its surrounding environment. Dome cameras offer high security and an increased surveillance capacity because of its non-invasive qualities.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) will record the images from the cameras to a hard drive for future playback. They come in many configurations depending upon the number or cameras and recording time needed. The larger the hard drive the longer recording time, and frames per second.

Video Monitors come in a variety of sizes. Most residential application do not require seperate monitors as most customers prefer to veiw the cameras from their TV's located throughout the home.

Video Surveillance can help you prevent break-ins! A recent study has reported that installing a home security surveillance system is the number one deterrent to home invasions. Video Surveillance Systems are not just for businesses any more. Theses systems are very affordable and is quickly becoming our customers main request.
Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)
Speco Player is a App designed to give a user remote viewing accessfrom a smart phone to their Speco DVR. Whether it is live viewing or playback access, Speco Player keeps you in contact with your DVR. Also offers full PTZ control of cameras.

Power Supplies are a great way to power a entire system. Power supplies offer replaceable fuse protection to protect each camera and your investment.

DVR Lock Box is designed to give a user protection for their DVR and recordings. DVR lock box has a key lock and is constructed of heavy guage steel. The unit can also be mounted to the wall to make it ever more difficult for unwanted tampering.