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Electrical Panel Upgrade, Repair, or Replacement

Electrical Panel Types and some problems you need to be aware of.

Breaker Panels:
Breaker panels come in a variety of styles and are used in all new homes. Circuit Breakers have a big advantage over fuses in that if thy are tripped they can be easily reset by simply flipping the switch to the offf position and then back to the on position. Even though the panel in your home may be of the breaker type, there are a couple of brand panels that are condidered un-safe. If your panel is a Federal or Zinsco brand , you may be interested in the links provided below on some reports covering the safety issues with these panels. Banks Electric highly recommends upgradeing the electrical panel if your home has one of these panels installed.
Your electrical panel is one of the most important safety devices installed in your home. Electrical panels do more than distribute electrical power to the many different devices thru your home, they protect you against electrical shorts and circuits overloads that can cause a fire. If one of these conditions occur within the wiring of your home the electrical panel will open up that circuit by means of a fuse or breaker and therefore cutting off power until the condition has been repaired.

Fuse Panels:
Fuses are easy to identify. They are typicaly screw in and can come in serveral different colors include red, green, and orange. After a fuse has blown it cannot be reset and must be replaced. It is not always easy for a homeowner to determine which fuse has gone bad. Fuse panels used in homes normally do no allow for enough circuits that todays modern home reqire. The most commos safety issue we see is when multiple circuits are installed under one fuse. This is a code violation and significant safety issue that should be corrected immediately.

Safety Updates

Home Inspection Video on Federal Pacific Electrical Panels

Home Inspection Video on Zinsco Electrical Panels

PDF Summary of Finding concerning Federal Pacific Electric Panels

PDF Summary of Findings concerning Zinsco Electric Panels

Common issues that can be related to a faulty electrical panel:
Dimming of Lights
Loss of power to part or entire house
Burnt smell from electrical panel
Excessive heat generating from electrical panel