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"Homes wired in aluminum wire are 55 times more likely to have a fire hazzard than those that are wired with copper."

Aluminum wiring repair
Replacing all the aluminum wiring within your home is a guarenteed way to solve all the issues with aluminum wiring now and forever. Re-wiring is not always possible due to the type of house or affordable for everyone.
Amp Tyco Copalum  
Uses the special AMP (Now TYCO) COPALUM high pressure crimp connector and special tool to connect short copper wires to every aluminum wire end in the building, reconnecting the copper to the various devices and splices.
Is short for aluminum connector and is the only connector on the market able to splice aluminum to copper wires, aluminum to aluminumwires and copper to copper wires. This is a inexpensive alternative to the above options.
March 14,2011
Citizens OKs alternatives for homeowners to fix aluminum-wired homes
Jamie Page
Florida homeowers with aluminum wired homes got a break Monday. The state owned Citizens Property Insurance Corp. on Monday approved two alternative methods to make aluminum branch wiring safe and insurable.
Since last summer, Citizens and all other private inusurers in Florida had said they would no longer write new insurance policies on homes with aluminum wiring because it's considered  a fire hazard.
As a result, homeowners wanting to sell their residences, or shop other insurers, would have had to spend $5,000.00 to $20,000 to rewire their homes with copper wiring to make them insurable.
But, now, Citizens Insurance Corp. has approved two types of electrial wire connectors known as AlumiConn and Copalum as acceptable methods to avoid rewiring.
APRIL 15/2011
The Consumer Product Safety Commission
"The Commission voted unanimously (5-0) to approve republication of CPSC Publication No. 516, Repairing Aluminum Wiring, with the explicit recognition that the COPALUM and AlumiConn connectors currently are the only products that meet the agency's standards to prevent aluminum wire fire hazards."

Does your home have aluminum wiring?
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Why is Aluminum Wire Dangerous?

Aluminum wire oxidizes at a greater rate that copper. This layer of oxidation adds sinificantly more resistance. More resistance results in splices heating up hotter and hotter. Do to the heat generated it can begin to melt the plastic housing and can eventually lead to fires. Another danger in aluminum-wired homes can be found where the existing aluminum wires comes into contact with copper wire in application known as "pig tailing." When electricity passes through any  wire, it heats up and expands. When the power is off, the wire cools down and contracts. Unfortunately, aluminum and copper expand and contract at different rates. So when the two different metals are spliced the heat cause the connection to loosen and the wires separate causing arching and possible fire.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

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